Record Search Made Easy with a New Online Service

Arrest Warrant, Marriage License, Death, and Criminal Record Search Made Easy with a New Online Service

Summary: Anyone considering to run a public, arrest, marriage, death, or criminal record search can do this easy now. Online Public Record Searcher offers its fast and free services to everyone interested in gaining truthful information about other persons.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but it’s also the right of every person to know if the babysitter they’re planning to hire has a criminal record. That’s why criminal, arrest, marriage, court, and death records are publically available. However, despite this seeming ‘openness’, finding those records can be a challenge. The new online service Online Public Record Searcher solves this problem. It can provide the necessary information fast and at no cost.

This online service works quickly and efficiently. One only needs to know the name of the person to look up their information. The possible searches include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Criminal record search ( is an essential service for those planning to hire a babysitter or any other person who will have access to their home. This type of records is also a must-read for landlords screening prospective renters.
  • Arrest records ( should be studied by everyone worried about their safety as well, because not all offenses are criminal, thus the name might not show up in a criminal record search.
  • Death records ( are important in the matters of inheritance and even some searches for missing persons. This information can be assessed through an obituary search.

When Should One Use a Record Search?

Everyone has their own personal reasons to conduct a court records search ( The most common of those are screening prospective employees or renters. However, one can do this simply if they are suspicious of their new neighbors or even a romantic interest.


With the crime rate being high, conducting a criminal record search for every new person in one’s life can be justified. However, as Online Public Record Searcher warns, there will be no ‘unlearning’ the information one discovers through a court records search. Therefore, one has to be sure that they are willing to learn all information available to the public, arrest records included.

What to do with that information is for the searcher to decide. All this data is available to the public by default. Therefore, sharing it isn’t a crime. However, using it to intentionally cause harm to the person can become a crime if one doesn’t follow the laws in regards to such matters.

Online Public Record Searcher is a service that will allow one to access any public records quickly and ensure a thorough background check of any registered individual. Find more details on their website,

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