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Best Background Check Websites of 2018:
Our #1 Choice is TruthFinder


Unbelievably Accurate Information in 5 Minutes or Less!


Unrivaled Accuracy


It’s no big surprise, but TruthFinder is concerned with only one thing: revealing the truth about the questionable people in your life. In some ways, their website appears a little simple (for example, the About page is pretty plain), but they don’t need flash. They’ve got substance.


TruthFinder is the most accurate background check service we’ve ever seen. Its unrivaled accuracy and a fair price make it the #1 choice for background or criminal record searches in 2017.


“TruthFinder is a very accurate, updated system. Their information is proper and can be very helpful too.” – Juan M., Verified User



Complete Report: A User’s Experience


I use TruthFinder to screen contractors and Facebook friends all the time, but I had a two-for-one instance that proved to me how accurate it really was.


The first time was after my son graduated high school and moved away to college. With him out of the bedroom, my wife and I agreed that it was finally time for us to build our garden room. We wanted to make the most of the natural light on that side of the house and had a guest room our son could sleep in during the seasonal breaks.


For about a month, we met with contractors, discussing building plans and budgets. Since my wife and I both work, the contractor we chose was going to be spending a lot of time alone in our home. When we narrowed the decision down to two guys, I signed up for TruthFinder’s one-month plan and ran background and criminal record checks on each contractor.


I had to filter through some results, but in just a few minutes, I had comprehensive reports on both of the bidding contractors. And would you believe this…they were both ex-cons!


Personally, I believe that everybody deserves a second chance (and I’m glad both of those guys are doing well now), but it doesn’t make me comfortable to have someone with a criminal record in my house. TruthFinder made sure that didn’t happen.


In the end, we went with our third choice. He was a little bit more expensive, but his record was squeaky clean. As I write this, our new garden room is almost finished and my wife and I can go to work without worrying about whether something fishy is going on at home.


Find Out the Truth About the People in YOUR Life!



Background and Criminal Record Checks


The data that comes through on TruthFinder background and criminal record checks are 99% accurate. You just don’t find information that accurate without paying through the nose for a flesh-and-blood private investigator. If you have the time to wait and money to spend on a P.I. for the sake of an extra 1% of accuracy, more power to you. For me, 99% is good enough.


While you might not be in as much danger as the news makes it seem, there are a lot of regular-looking people out there with dark pasts. TruthFinder lets you know exactly what they’re hiding.


Their official reports contain all the pertinent information: arrests, convictions, results from non-criminal court proceedings, sex offender status, online presence (i.e. social media activity), regulated licenses, and most recent contact information. Only a crystal ball will get you better info.




One of the best aspects of TruthFinder is that they provide you with great information at a great price. They don’t offer trial memberships or allow you to purchase individual reports, but with monthly prices this good, I don’t see how it makes a difference.


Membership – 3 plans

  • $16.71 for 1 month

  • $15.71/month for 3 months

  • $13.71/month for 6 months

Membership awards users unlimited monthly access to all reports. If you’re a penny-pincher, you can lock in greater monthly savings by signing up for a longer membership. Month-to-month memberships are incredibly affordable, though.


What They Do


TruthFinder provides limited search functionality (you’ll only be searching by name/state or by phone number), but what they lack in variety, they make up for in accuracy. After performing a search, you can implement a number of filters that make narrowing down the results quite easily. In no time at all, you’ve got all the information you could want about your search target.


It really cannot be said enough: TruthFinder lays the facts bare.


Something that occasionally gets overlooked when it comes to the TruthFinder platform is its simplicity. Though not hideous, the site isn’t anything to look at. Its focus is entirely on user benefit. That means that the results are excellent and that it’s easy to use. They’ve also got a mobile app for Android devices. They don’t advertise it much, but it’s just as powerful and just as easy to use.


Just so you know, there’s one thing that TruthFinder doesn’t do, and that’s FCRA-compliant reporting. You cannot use TruthFinder reports for any decisions regarding credit, tenant eligibility, insurance, or employment.


Claims of Accuracy


TruthFinder pulls its data from public records that are disorganized, cluttered, and hard to find. Everything displayed in its reports comes from these records. In the rare and unlikely event that incorrect information is recorded on the official public documents, TruthFinder cannot be held liable. They deliver the information as it is recorded, but do not make corrections to official documents.




Industry standard encrypted servers protect all user and database information, protecting it from hacks and internet leaks.


That’s not the only security measure taken by TruthFinder. They also protect individuals in another way.


Even though some people you search for will have sordid pasts, the United States still protects the rights of its citizens. That means that search targets must be protected against certain actions. Some people don’t like that, but it works both ways. The same protections that protect the people you’re searching for protecting you!


If you want to take advantage of your rights, you may opt out from searches.


Customer Service


In the spirit of truth, the reps from TruthFinder want you to have all the information you need at all times. To that end, they supply members (and potential members) with three ways to contact them:

  • By telephone, at 1-800-699-8081

  • By email, at

  • By mail, at 2534 State Street in San Diego.

Reps are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about membership, search methods, finding a specific person, or billing. If you think your question is a common one, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page right here.


The Final Ruling


Like I said at the start, TruthFinder is the #1 background check and criminal record search company of 2017. They’re affordable, they’re easy to use, and they’re as accurate as you could possibly hope for without splurging on a personal private investigator.


Don’t Be Lied To – Get True Information Fast!



Note: This Background Check service is not FCRA compliant. You may not use this background check service, or the information it provides, to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. This is applicable, but not limited to, a Background Search, Credit Background Check, Criminal Background Check, and/or Driving Record. Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency and does not, and cannot, provide consumer reports. These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.

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Great app, would recommend to everyone.

Reviewer : Kelly B.

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Very accurate information.

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Truthfinder is a very accurate updated system. Their information is proper. And can be very helpful too.

Reviewer : Juan M.

This site is so wonderful. I found my lost godchildren and their mom. Thank you so much.

Reviewer : Lawrence W.

TruthFinder is an excellent site for finding out about someone.

Reviewer : Sherrie F.

You found an old friend for me. Thank you.

Reviewer : Nancy V.

This is one way to really know a potential date.

Reviewer : Charmaine R. is freakishly accurate…. Really scary how much info is out there.

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