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dwThe modern market has covered the fashion genre amazingly. The different ways in which the fashion can be recalled after are extremely interesting and innovative. Fashion for different events is quite different actually. You wear something different for a wedding and something else for the bridal shower; a totally light and sexy overall for a beach trip while something trendy for a birthday party. A little sobered up and decent dress works for the college grad farewell while on the other hand simple t-shirt and jeans are good enough for after-work excursion to the bar. You must have understood that different occasions demand a different appearance.

So what do you wear if your friends invite you to a Coldplay concert or one by Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. You will definitely be lost in a train of thought. Let us discuss the 'concert wear' a bit to help you out of that dilemma. It has to be go-easy and make you look good. In addition to that, the icing on the cake will be if what you wear is definitely in the fashion. The concert

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dsI guess there's a lot to talk about when it comes to music, so where do I start?

Well, music is important to everyone, whether they know it or not. It could be their favorite band or their favorite jingle or even a holiday song that they really like, or maybe the sound of birds in the morning; it doesn't matter, they're all music. But how important exactly is music?

Whether you know it or not, music is a vital thing! Like the simple stuff you listen to every morning in the shower can really set your mood for the day. Haven't you realized that whenever you're listening to the radio and a sad song comes on, even if you had an incredible day, for that moment you would get into the sad feeling of that song and maybe even sing along? After that, you may resume being incredibly happy or you might get your mood switched to a slightly more negative one. All through the power of music!

Whatever you listen to, you program into your head and it goes straight into your subconscious mind, even

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23Cello Strings

The traditional cello has four strings: A, D, G and C. Each string is tuned a perfect fifth from the others (or seven half-steps apart). From the lowest (C) to the highest (A) open string, it covers nearly two octaves. From open C to the end of the fingerboard on the A, the cello's range is approximately five and one-half octaves. Many of the notes can be played in multiple places on the instrument.

String Descriptions

A String

The highest, or first string on the cello is A. Based on current trends of tuning to A440, the cello A sounds at 220 Hz or A3 on the piano keyboard. When you buy a cello A String, you might see it labeled as "I" (Roman Numeral) or "La," referring to the solfege (Do Re Mi) or European musical name. The open A String is notated in the bass clef as the top line. You may also see it as the middle line in the tenor clef, or the second ledger line below the staff in treble clef.

D String

The second string, a fifth down from A, is D.

How do you write a song?

Perhaps everyone has a different method or perhaps there's a rulebook somewhere that states the order in which a song or piece must be written.

I can only speak for myself.

I know I take a different approach for writing songs as opposed to say writing a film score.

Most of my songs all came about by accident, I was just noodling on the guitar and a few chords got stuck together and I liked how they sounded and I started fumbling around with them until I had a riff and a pattern.

Some songs might take months or years to complete, I leave them there to 'marinate'. In the past I would remember the chord structure, might even record it with a 4-track machine (when I borrowed one) or just play it into my tape deck (remember those days?). But other times I would just play those chords over and over so much till I remembered them. All in my head.

Of course, fast forward to the digital era and everyone and their grandmother has a laptop with some sort of recording capability. So nowadays I just have everything readily hooked up to go if inspiration strikes and

I have always wanted to be able to play a musical instrument. I truly love music and playing an instrument has always been a dream of mine. Music is very special and it soothes the soul. Music is inspirational.

My desire to play an instrument started when I was very young. My gramma had a small electric organ. I used to go to her house after school and I would play on it for hours. It had the colored keys and notes and I thought I was a real star.

While I did enjoy going to my gramma's, learning to play the guitar was my first instrument choice. I was mesmerized by friends who could sing and play. I could sit and listen to them for hours on end. I finally got my first guitar when I was about 13. I took classes from a local music teacher. Although the class was good, it wasn't for me. I was very self-conscious and I didn't like trying to play in front of the people who actually caught on. Throughout the years, I did try many different courses that you could purchase. There was no such thing as online back in those days.

You will certainly be in great company if you love listening to music. Various studies have shown that this will help improve your mental well-being as well as boost your physical health in astonishing and surprising ways. In fact, it has been said that musical training can help increase one's IQ and even keep your memory sharp in old age.

Great Health Benefits Of Music

Makes you happy - If you listen to the music you like, your brain will release the "feel-good" neurotransmitter. In turn, this will cause you to feel emotions such as excitement, joy, and happiness. So if you need an emotional boost, consider listening to your favourite tunes for about 15 minutes.

Boost your running performance - It was discovered that runners who constantly listen to music, most especially the fast or slow motivational ones, have completed the first 800 meters of their run faster as compared to those who listened to calm music or those who don't listen to music. So if you want to take your running up a notch, you need to listen to songs which inspire you.

Lowers stress - Levels of the stress hormone in your body counteracting the effects of chronic stress will decreases.

A category on an episode of Weekend Jeopardy from Saturday, April 22 centered on words that ended with the letter O. I cannot recollect exactly how I fared on those particular answers, mainly because I was thinking of a somewhat related topic.

My mind spent the rest of that game coming up with one word song titles that end with the letter O. Here are the fifteen most popular ones I ended up with.

"Bracero" by Phil Ochs

This paean to the Latin American migrant workers showcases the folk singer's ability to point out social injustices in addition to the wars he so despised.

"Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Neil Young wrote this classic not long after four students wee gunned down by the National Guard at Kent State University.

"Chicago" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

This anthem is another anti-war song from the late sixties.

"Hello" by Lionel Richie

The video concept for the song seems a little dated now thirty years later, but the ex-Commodore certainly proved he could make enjoyable singles as a solo artist.

"Hostage-O" by Warren Zevon

The artist who charted with "Werewolves of London" twenty years prior recorded this lasts one and the rest of the Life'll Kill Ya album with knowledge that

Over the past decade we have seen music streaming services in the industry rise tremendously. The idea of music streaming services is to bring you millions of songs, of all genres, for whatever situation you land yourself in. Streaming services have forced big players like iTunes to follow in their path or unfortunately get left behind. Streaming websites argue they are contributing positively to the industry with the underlying fact that music seems to be growing again. But like anything else in this world where there is ups, unfortunately, there must be downs and for streaming websites this has certainly been the case, especially over the last couple of year.

Music streaming sites in general all operate in similar ways. The majority allows consumers to use their service for free, with the downside of having to listen to advertising in between songs, but also have a paid version of the service, where you pay a set price per month or year, and draw in little to no interruption. Streaming services, in short, have banks of music from a wide range of artists and genres where customers are usually allowed to customize their own profiles with any music they choose, create playlists

Plenty of artists claim to be influenced by Joni Mitchell, or to sound like her. But finding a thread that translates into something tangible can be hard. Instead, I decided to present a few of the more interesting approaches. These are truly creative endeavors. They stand out for their profound artistry and their tangible love for Joni's music. Whether through reinventing specific songs or capturing the spirit of her style, these four albums offer first rate experiences. Each album honors Joni in a different way. So I invite you to immerse yourself in these four distinctive ways to honor Joni Mitchell.

Esperanza Spalding, Emily's D+Evolution -- Spalding went in a different direction from her jazz base for this album which defies categorization. The music is infused with the vocal phrasings, ear-catching harmonic turns, and melodic lines that were common in Joni's music from the 70s--albums like Hejira and The Hissing of Summer Lawns. No other artist has so captured this essence without being derivative. This is an amazing album whose beauty unfolds through repeated listens. The song "Noble Nobles," a scathing look at racism and the pretense of civilized society, is a masterpiece all on its own.

Andre Akinyele, Metal Skin and

I recently joined the world of retired folks, and I can definitely say that it beats working. Obviously I cannot speak for everyone, but having to rise at 5:00 every morning to face six classes of thirty high school students really took its toll.

Retirement has certainly been a welcome change after thirty years as an English teacher. The free time has allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite obsessions, which is music.

During my zealous listening over the past few months, I have experienced a new appreciation for songs that speak directly to retirees. Here are ten of those songs that should be appreciated by all those who have retired from a long career of working.

"Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon

The genius behind the best songs of The Beatles reflects on his retirement from the music world on this solo track from the Double Fantasy album, which ironically marked a return to the business shortly before he was assassinated.

"Idle By" by Travis Bretzer

The indie artist is too young to fully appreciate the beautiful idleness of retirement, but his gorgeous song from Waxing Romantic will take on a new meaning for him by the time senior organizations start sending him

Panic stricken? Dead tired? Extremely anxious? Having difficulty sleeping? Head is swimming? No peace inside? Want an out? Listen to music!

Music is considered to be an essential measure for relaxation. Many therapists use music as treatment. Mostly classical music is the prescribed medicine, but that doesn't need to be a necessity.

Below are 10 songs by rock bands and artists which have an intensely soothing effect on the nerves and will make you feel at peace.

1. Imagine - John Lennon

Much doesn't need to be said about what this song does to the listener. Live in Utopia for a while, and you'll get what is desired by all (and what John philosophized) - peace!

2. Perfect Day - Lou Reed

A lazy, melodious track. It may have been written about heroin, but that doesn't mean it cannot work wonders for the sane mind. When facing problems or overwhelmed, just slow down. Give it some time and let it go. Escape for a while!

3. Big D's Touch - Buckethead

One of the most relaxing tunes to come out of Buckethead's fingers is this instrumental. Let it touch you. It will make you want to lie down, and just stay like that forever.

4. I Talk to

Apple Loops can be defined or described as the prerecorded musical phrases or also riffs that are used in a particular Loop Browser. You can use these to very easily add the drum beats, various sounds on a project and also many types of rhythm parts. All these loops contain various musical patterns and these patterns can be repeated all over again. These will then be extended to fill any particular amount of time. You must also know that when you actually go on and add a particular Apple Loop to an ongoing project, a region is created for that loop. When any project is on play mode, this region will be able to play at the temp as well as key of that project. This will obviously enable you to use several of these loops even though all these loops were recorded at different keys and the different speeds.

Type of Apple Loops

There are mainly two types of Apple Loops that have been around for a very long time. These are as follows.

1. The Audio Loops

These are the blue loops and basically audio recordings. You can also add them to the audio tracks and then edit them just little with

Karaoke machines can make family events and get-togethers very entertaining because they give family members or friends a chance to sing to their favorite tunes. The karaoke songs do not have accompaniment of artist voice and lyrics are projected on a screen for smooth singing. These machines are common in pubs and bars, but individuals also buy them for their home entertainment needs like in weddings and parties.

The machines are of different types including microphone karaoke machines, pocket, CD and all-in-one karaoke machines. When looking for a machine, you must consider your immediate needs and whether you are getting a home karaoke machine or one for your business so you can choose the right type. But besides type, there are important things you can never forget when buying a machine for whatever musical need you have. These are the features that will make your machine a good machine or a great machine.

Portability - Pocket and microphone machines tend to be most portable options that you have and they make best karaoke machine for kids. This is because the kids can easily carry them to their friends' homes and parties to enjoy without demanding any type of transport. All-in-one machines are

Had Bob Dylan chosen the interstate that runs from Michigan to Florida for the title of his breakthrough rock album, we would be listening to Highway 75 Revisited. Granted, it does not have near the ring to it that Highway 61 does, and it would be more difficult to find rhyming words for five than it was for one.

Nevertheless, think how significant that title would be right now, since Dylan is celebrating birthday number 75. More important, he is now well passed the half century mark of writing songs.

Dylan, whose diamond birthday was on May 24, 2016, has written an estimated ten thousand songs. That total includes classics such as "Like a Rolling Stone", "Tangled Up In Blue" and "Blowin' In the Wind."

Those fifty-plus years of songs are comprised of over a million words, and even quite a few numbers. Some of his best songs even have numbers in their titles, tunes like "Fourth Time Around", "Positively Fourth Street" and "Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 (Everybody Must Get Stoned)."

Unfortunately for this occasion, Dylan has never used the number 75 in any of his songs. In "Maggie's Farm" he did reach up to 68, the age of Maggie's mother.

Over a

There are heaps of music composition software and programs on the market, but which should you use? Perhaps you're a music composer who wants to move into digital music making or maybe you're just beginning your music composition journey. Whatever your goals, this article will be of interest to you.

Notation Programs VS DAWs

Notation programs are software used to create sheet music. You would need to know how to read and write music to use it. DAWs or Digital Audio Workstations are stronger for producing professional sounding audio. The amount of sounds libraries, virtual instruments and effects are endless. DAWs have more powerful ways to manipulate notes and sounds than Notation programs.

How do I decide which type of program to choose?

Generally, if you want to create great sounding audio, use a DAW. Alternatively, if you want to compose for live instruments, an orchestra, choir and won't need to record your tracks in a studio, plus you're game in music notation, choose a notation program.

Best Notation Programs for Music Composition


Finale is the cream of the crop in music notation programs and is used professionally by sheet music creators. The printed music at your local music store would most likely be made using

You love humming through the melody of top hits from various music genres. You can't even contain yourself and start dancing with each beat. A song serenades a universal language. Similarly, flowers also speak to every soul. Both are very much alike in appeasing the human heart.

It is no wonder that composers incorporate "flowers" in their lyrics. Blossoms add love to every song. Most human beings find joy and satisfaction in singing. In this fast paced world, everybody wants a bit of euphoria in their lives.

Here are 10 latest songs that you can carry a tune whenever you feel like being one with nature, especially with flowers.

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

Lyric: Too young, too dumb to realize that I should've bought you flowers and held your hand.

Bruno Mars made a huge hit with this song as it pierces through the heart of every man. It speaks on behalf of those who took their loved ones for granted. The flowers here symbolize the guy's regret for recognizing his girl's worth when it's already too late.

Clean by Taylor Swift

Lyric: The drought was the very worst, when the flowers that we'd grown together died of thirst.

This heartfelt song mirrors the

If you're looking for a way to improve your life other than exercise or nutrition, you should consider playing a musical instrument as the piano. Learning piano has a lot of benefits, both physical and mental:

It improves academic skills:

Learning to play piano can increase your cognitive development. Music highly stimulates the brain. By understanding scales, rhythm, and beat, children are learning to recognize patterns, create fractions, and how to divide, for example.

It broadens vocabulary:

Children who have music in their academic curriculum have a far better verbal sequencing and vocabulary than children who didn't.

It reduces stress:

When you're learning to play piano you need to be focused both on the music and on the technique, you'll be able to get away from your daily stress.

It gives you a hand-eye co-ordination:

When you're taking piano classes, you'll be taught on how you have to read while you play. And this trains your hands and eyes to work together and can be very handy in the future in terms of improving your productivity and your reaction time.

Also, since you use both hands and they play independently, you're stimulating different parts of the brain.

It increases human growth hormone:

This is particularly important if you're older. The

Techno Music was created in Detroit, Michigan in the mid 1980s. It has an emphasis on rhythm while utilizing the best of advancements in music technology and music production. Techno is sometimes an instrumental genre and is usually discovered via DJ mixes, club nights and festivals. Some ingredients used are drum machines such as TR-808, TR-909, synthesizers, field recordings and sampling.

The main styles I would say that are the biggest influence on my music are as follows:

Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno is a subdivision of the techno genre which generally includes some of the earliest techno productions from Detroit. Detroit techno had its largest audience in the Atlantic. Some of the most common techno music artists include Underground Resistance, Mike Banks, Blake Baxter, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Eddie Fowlkes and Juan Atkins. Some of these artists used whatever technology they had in their reach and initiated music with epic synth sounds and engaging driving grooves. I could never list a top ten of tracks from this genre as it changes all the time, but a personal favourite label was always the Red Planet series. This label seen some fantastic releases in the mid-90s. I witnessed both Ghostdancer and Stardancer

Earlier this week on an episode of Jeopardy, I was intrigued by one of the unusual categories introduced by host Alex Trebek. The answers had to consist of words with exactly five syllables, two of which I got the correct questions.

Two of the five syllable words I missed were "Abolitionists" and "insurmountable", two that I should have gotten. Long after the game had ended and the classic Final Jeopardy theme song had faded out, I was still trying to think of relatively common words that had five syllables.

My attention turned, as it often does, to popular music. Here are ten one-word song titles that fit the Jeopardy category of Five Syllable Words.

"Opportunity" by Elvis Costello

This tune, like most of the others on the Nick Lowe produced Get Happy album, is rife with lines such as "Her bedroom eyes were like a button she was pushing."

"Anticipation" by Carly Simon

Predating the smash hit "You're So Vain" by a few years, this title track is the highlight of the diva's second album.

"Imagination" by Earth, Wind and Fire

The soul band had a bunch of hits besides this one, including "Fantasy", "Shining Star" and "September."

"Radioactive" by Gene Simmons

The long-tongued Kiss bass player had a minor

I remember going to a U2 concert in Southern France many years ago. Somehow I worked my way up towards the front of the muddy mosh pit. I could almost see Bono's sweat drip off of his amazing face. WOW! The tour was 'The Joshua Tree' album. This was the beginning of my love for rockstars. I would then fall for Robert Smith of 'The Cure'. Songs like 'Pictures of You' from 'Disintegration' pulled me into a beautiful reverie and I thus became an official poet.

Kate Bush soon crept into my favorite box. Although she is/was not really a rocker, she was this incredible artist who shook me to the core. From 'The Dreaming' to 'The Sensual World', I was completely hooked. Her song 'Lily' intrigued me in terms of the seeming witchcraft she used. 'You're the One' was so beautiful as many of her songs. I think I related to the crazy love she felt for her beloved. After listening to her for a few years, I begin singing. But, I would only sing when I was alone, I never dreamed of singing to anyone else. That would come years later.

Ozzy Osbourne came into my awareness also around the